1. Respect every single player
no matter where he/she is from, what religion he/she practices. Just respect players.

2. Any insults about religion/family/culture will not be tolerated
1st you will receive a warning, 2nd time you'll get banned for 72hours, 3rd time breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.
(any general insults, name calling or banter is ALLOWED)

3. Buffing from safe zone is NOT allowed
Buffing is fine, but not when you're in the safezone, you will be warned and later punished if you break this rule.

4. Real world trading is NOT allowed
Anything you buy/sell in-game must be exchanged with in-game currency only. Anyone attempting to sell/buy items for anything outside of the server from other players will be banned.

6. Impersonating a member of Fembria Team will result in a permanent ban.

7. Advertising anything on Fembria Online's grounds (In-game, Discord) will result in an indefinite mute.

8. All Silk purchases are final and non-refundable. Any attempt to dispute the transaction will result in a permanent ban.

9. We are not responsible for any discrepencies during exchanges.
Always double-check if the items exchanged are correct, and if you're not able to make it in a single exchange, contact one of our in-game supporters to be the middleman.

The list can get updated anytime we think it's necessary, at our own discretion.

Server Info

  • Player Online 54 / 500

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  • Server Time: 23:34:33
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  • Register: Daily 00:00 - 18:00


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