Q: I just started the game, this is my first character, how do I level up?

A: To get leveled instantly to level 135, you can use a command to get level 135 instantly. Simply PM ` $BOT /plvl `.

Q: How do I level up from lvl 135 to lvl 140?

A: You will not be able to level up to lvl 140 by collecting EXP from any source. The only way to level up is to complete the Shipwreck - The Sea of Resentment collection by acquiring the required talismans from Forgotten World and turning in the quest at Governor Senmute in Alexandria South.

Q: How do I acquire DG13 items?

A: Weapons - Collect Seal of Nova from Holy Water Temple (Rotating teleportal in Jangan between Storage and Blacksmith). You can then upgrade your DG13 Seal of Nova weapon to Seal of Moon by collecting 5x Seal of Nova, and completing the quest at the Upgrader NPC (Found next to the rotating teleportal). You can then finally upgrade your DG13 Seal of Moon weapon to Seal of Sun by collecting 3x Seal of Moon, and completing the quest at the Upgrader NPC (Found next to the rotating teleportal).
Armor/Accessories - Seal of Moon drops from any field monster found in Mirror Dimension/Baghdad areas. Seal of Sun Armor pieces can only be obtained by purchasing them from Fembria Coins Shop NPC or from Job Coins Shop NPC. Seal of Sun Accessory pieces can also be obtained from King of Fembria unique (Jupiter teleportal)

Q: How do I acquire DG14 Seal of Moon items?

A: There are 2 options:
1. Kill Minotaur unique in an instance called Awakening Madness. Minotaur will drop 1 Awakening tablet.
To forge the tablet, you will need to collect Awakening stones of Power, Wisdom, Endurance, Clairvoyance from Holy Water Temple uniques. Each unique will drop 3 random Awakening stones.
Once you awaken the tablet, you will be able to use it to convert your DG13 Seal of Sun item to DG14 Seal of Moon.
(NOTE: YOUR WEAPON/SHIELD'S PLUS WILL BE REDUCED BY 5 UPON UPGRADING, AND YOUR ARMOR/ACCESSORIES WILL LOSE PLUS FOLLOWING THIS SCHEME: 20 -> 11 || 18-19 -> 10 || 16-17 -> 9 || 14-15 -> 8 || 12-13 -> 7 || 10-11 -> 6 || <9 -> 5 (NO ADV))
2. Buy a Soulless tablet from the Job Coins Shop NPC for the item you wish to craft.
Then you will need to awaken the tablet by collecting the required materials from Baghdad Dungeon monsters/uniques, and Thief Boss Kalia unique, found in Kalia's Hideout (Dungeon).
Once you have collected the required materials, you can craft the tablet and it will grant you a clean item that you've decided to craft.

Q: How do I acquire DG14 Seal of Sun items?

A: You can only acquire DG14 Seal of Sun by upgrading your current DG14 Seal of Moon item. To do that, you will need to kill Forgotten World uniques to get a Degree 14 SUN Upgrader. Each unique has a chance to drop 1 Upgrader (NOT 100% DROPRATE).
To forge the Upgrader, you will need to collect Awakening stones of Momy, Gohay, Sonal, Foyal from Forgotten World monsters.
Once you awaken the Upgrader, you will be able to use it to convert your DG14 Seal of Moon item to DG14 Seal of Sun.

Q: Skills require 999999999999 skillpoints and 9999 STR!! How am I supposed to level them up?!

A: To acquire the new lvl 140 skills you will have to kill Devil Benfica inside an instance called Petra (Dungeon). Devil Benfica will drop 2~3 random lvl 140 skills.
You can also complete Sky Temple level 2 (Ultra) daily quest to receive a reward of Lottery Skills which will grant you a random skill.
You can also buy Lottery Skills from Mixed NPC for 50 Silk

Q: What happens to my stats/plus/blues/ADV/dye/model when I use upgraders?

A: Your ADV elixir will STAY on the item.
You will be able to purchase Special Model/Dye Removers for 1 gold, and they will only work on DG13 items.
All of your blues/stats will STAY on the item.

Q: How do I get Honor Buffs?

A: You gain Honor rank according to players killed while in job mode. You will gain 1 point per kill, but the killed player must be level 140. It will also not grant any Honor points if the same players have killed each other 5 times in the last 24 hours.

Q: Monsters don't drop stones! How do I get them?!

A: You can either buy the stones from Stones NPC in Jangan, or collect tablets from field monsters and craft stones yourself using elements that you can buy from Alchemy NPC next to Jangan Storage.

Q: Where can I find Lucky Powder, Lucky/Steady stones?

A: You can purchase them for gold from Alchemy NPC next to Jangan Storage.

Q: What are these different kinds of elixirs, and where do I get them?

A: There are 4 kinds of elixirs: Intensifing, Holy Bible, Crystal and Holy Crystal, they have different alchemy success rates with Holy Crystal having the highest.

Please refer to our #Guide# to find more information.

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